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NEWS 30 October 2017

Indoor School roof is now on and work to finish the exterior should be completed this week. My aim is to get the Indoor School up and running in December 2017.

NEWS 25 November 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have now obtained planning permission for an Indoor School which will mean we shall have two arenas to exercise horses at Northfield Stables. It is hoped that building works will be completed in time for winter 2017.

NEWS 06 September 2013

New roof fitted to horse walker.

NEWS 19 June 2012

MA Sports Horses is pleased to announce that after a 2 year battle with the local planning department we have finally obtained consent to live at Northfield Stables. This will allow us to offer Rehabilitation Livery and extend the supervision of horses in our care.

NEWS 23 October 2009

New Stables are up and ready for livery clients.

NEWS 05 October 2009

MA Sports Horses acquires planning permission for 4 more stables which are due to be installed before the end of October.

NEWS 7 July 2009

New 4 horse Monarch horse walker is now installed.

NEWS 10 January 2009

Our 50m x 30m Charles Britton school is now completed and ready for use.

Full course of Show Jumps including Planks, No Entry Gate, Brush Filler, Water Tray and Viaduct Wall are now available for training horse and rider.


Sale, Competition Livery, Full Livery, Part Livery, Recouperation Livery, Breeding and Rearing, Holiday Livery, Breaking, Jump Training, Lessons, Show Jumping Clinics & Clipping. Prices from 01 April 2020. For the security of all, Northfield Stables also has a fully alarmed site with monitored CCTV and foaling cameras.

Sales Livery - Each horse is assessed on a case by case basis and potential clients are encouraged to speak to Malcolm in person to assess their expectations. This service is offered at £195 per week with a commission of £600 plus VAT or 10% plus VAT, whichever is the greater, due on sale. Shoeing, Worming and Advertising expenses remain at the owners cost although all are regularly arranged on behalf of clients. Horses are advertised on this website for no extra charge. Sales livery horses benefit from all facilities available. Horses are assessed so that we can give accurate representations of the horse to clients. Other deals on price may also be available from time to time.
Competition Livery - Please call Malcolm for an informal chat to see if we can offer the right package for you and your horse. Typically this service is priced as full livery with competition fees on top. Competition horses go on the walker on a daily basis to maintain and improve their core fitness.
Full Livery - This service involves the full care of horses on a day to day basis 7 days a week. Full livery can be tailored to your needs for a fee however our standard package is our part livery price of £195 per week plus £82 per week for riding and includes all services as per part livery plus riding at the yard 4 days a week and daily grooming.
Part Livery - This service is again a 7 day a week service, all owners are responsible for is riding, grooming & tack cleaning. Horses on our yard receive 2 bales of top quality wood shavings bedding a week and either hay or haylege as per clients request. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available on request, typically we feed Spillers & Dengie Feeds, although others are available from our suppliers. Part Livery from £195 per week and includes use of our outdoor school.
Recuperation Livery / Rehabilitation Livery - MA Sports Horses is able to assist with the recovery of horses returning from injury. This package typically costs in the region of £195 to £275 per week but does depend a little on the nature of the rehabilitation and is available for all injured horses who need to start controlled weight bearing exercise on a walker after long periods of box rest as well as horses that require regular medication etc. We are able to offer 24 hour supervision and take referrals direct from Vets, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors as well as from private clients. Northfield Stables has some 5 foaling boxes and two larger corner boxes which lend themselves well to this short term type of service. There are also cameras available for 24hr monitoring see breeding and rearing section below. Full references are available on request. in recent years we have helped rehabilitate horses with a number of health realted issues. This has included broken bones and bone chips, tendon injuries, Laminitis, general non specific lameness and equine poor performance, colic, back and neck pain, splints, behavioural problems, Ulcers, breathing problems COPD. The overwhelming majority of which have gone on to make a full recovery and returned to active and successful competition. A full list of case histories is available upon request.
Breeding and Rearing - MA Sports horses is also involved with the Breeding and Rearing of horses. Our first home bred foals were born in 2011. We are able to take on further Youngstock if required. Mares taken in on breeding livery should arrive 4 weeks before their due date with up to date EHV, flu and tetanus vaccinations. It is advisable that mares should have a flu and tetanus booster 6 weeks prior to their due date and EHV vaccinations involve an initial course of 2 injections 4 to 6 weeks apart and this should be followed by further injections at 5, 7 and 9 months in pregnant mares. It is recommended to owners that mares in foal should arrive one month before their due date and stay at Northfield Stables for at least 1 month after foaling, the cost of this service is £230 per week. Foaling boxes have the benefit of 24hr monitoring by foaling camera and this can be linked to your PC for real-time viewing via the internet.
Holiday Livery - Holiday livery is also available at £277 per week if riding is required or £195 per week with no riding.
Breaking - MA Sports Horses are able to offer breaking and training livery at a cost of £300 per week, with the expected stay for horses to be some 6 weeks. For further information please call us to discuss your requirements and that of your horse.
Private Lessons / jump schooling sessions are available on site at £40 per session, other locations may be available as required for a slightly higher fee. Malcolm is a fully insured freelance instructor and is responsible for training a number of horse and rider partnerships. References are available on request.
Show Jumping Clinics - Malcolm is available to teach show jumping clinics either on site or at another suitable location. Previous clients include Pony Clubs and Riding Clubs, however if you wish to arrange a clinic please contact us and we will endeavour to help. Prices depend on the duration of the clinic but is typically £50 per hour at Northfield Stables and negotiable for other locations.
Clipping / Malcolm is available to clip your horse both at our yard or yours. Prices are very reasonable and are available upon request.

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Northfield Stables is fully insured as a Dealing, Breaking and Livery Yard. Riding/trial facilities are available on site, being an excellent 50m x 30m Charles Britton Equisand & Clopf fibre surface which provides an excellent all year round surface which is guarunteed not to flood.

MA Sports Horses also has a 4 horse Monarch Horsewalker with roof to help keep both it's own and clients horses in top condition. 
More photographs will follow shortly.

Malcolm Aitken T/A MA Sports Horses, Northfield Stables, Soldridge Road, Medstead, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5JF.
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