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Just a quick message to say that our new horse has settled in well, he has had his teeth done today and been for a hack on the open forest. Had two lessons and all going well. will probably be in contact soon for a jump lesson. Julie and Jemima.

Just to say Indy has settled in very well! Molly has hacked jumped etc on him very good boy. A treasure he is. Jane Emmerson

We are getting on so well together and I love him to pieces. I have regained my confidence and Harry and I have fab times. Thank you for making it possible for me to buy Harry. Fiona Brown

First rally for Rocco and he has been a dream, such a genuine chap. He was admired by everyone. Becky Preston

Just to let you know that Ben has settled really well and is perfect. Hasn't put a hoof wrong so far. Thanks for all you did before and after sale. Jo Lees

Warrior has settled in in his new home very well - everybody at Wellington Riding adores him - When I am not there he is only ridden by Instructor level staff and even they fight over who gets him. Warrior has recently made an appearance in the September 2014 ediition of Horse and Rider Magazine, even the head instructor had to be photographed with him. I am very proud. Chrysoula Zervoudakis

I would like to thank you so much for everything. I am so proud to say I am the new owner of Cookie. He is going to have a lovely time with me and he is already starting to settle in. Morgan Saunders

Thank you for all the work you did breaking TC he is doing brilliantly. Natalie Morat

Just thought I would let you know that Freddie has settled in really well. After a few minor bridle adjustments we hacked out on our own and he scored 10 out of 10. Several different routes no problem. Thank you for helping us get together. Jean Baylis

I was stunned to win a red rosette in the very first class that Ludo and I entered. I must thank you again for producing such a mannerly and well schooled horse, he is a joy to have on the yard and to take out and I have the added bonus of receiving a constant stream of complimentary remarks. Margaret Dufall

Thank you for your assistance over the past couple of months and for providing Puzzle with a caring home. I will certainly recommend you to other people and contact you again should the need occur. Many thanks, Janet Delves

How wonderful it is to have finally found a trainer who talks sense! You always explain everything in a conscientious and encouraging manner. We are also very grateful for all your support in helping us. It's nice to know my daughter is in safe hands. J.J.Piquet

I have had a lot of trainers in the past, and within just a few weeks I have learnt more and gained more confidence than with months of training elsewhere. You have been consistently patient, friendly and fun and you treat my horses with respect and kindness. Jessica Hobbs

10 January 2009

All our horses are now ready for sale at reasonable prices, check out the horses for sale pages for further details and call Malcolm on 07990 973760 to arrange a trial.

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For further information about our current stock of sports horses for sale, full and part livery, competition livery, sale livery, breeding and rehabilitation from injury, jump training, ad hoc competition or Show Jumping lessons please contact Malcolm by the methods below or feel free to make enquiries in person if you see us at shows:
Malcolm Aitken
mob: 07990 973760
Alicia Sherborne
mob: 07920 511189
MA Sports Horses
Northfield Stables
Soldridge Road
Hants GU34 5JF

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We are less than 2 minutes drive from TDS Saddlery at the Four Marks end of Medstead.

Please ask for directions at the time of booking an appointment.

Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale

A purchaser can secure their new horse for 7 days with payment of a 10% deposit which enables MA Sports Horses to hold the horse on behalf of the client and by which both parties express their intention to be legally bound to the purchase/sale of the horse. Acceptable forms of payment are Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Should a potential buyer wish to have their new horse vetted without paying a deposit this may also be acceptable.
All horses are open to vet and purchasers are encouraged to have their purchase vetted. If vetting is not undertaken then the horse is sold as seen and the purchaser is deemed to be suitably knowledgeable to make this decision.
Should purchasers wish to vet their purchase they must declare this at the time of paying the deposit. Vetting is at the purchaser's discretion but MA Sports Horses requires this to be undertaken within 7 days of making the offer/paying the deposit or the deposit will be forfeit.
In the event that the horse should be lame upon the veterinary inspection then the deposit is fully refundable.
Following successful vetting the purchaser must pay the balance by Bankers Cheque, Bank Transfer or Cash within 72 hours. MA Sports Horses reserves the right to re-sell the horse if the full balance is not paid in this timescale. The deposit will then be repaid in full save for the cost of one standard advert if applicable. Personal cheques may be accepted at the discretion of MA Sports Horses.
The purchaser's new horse must be collected within 3 days of the vetting unless agreed prior. We strongly recommend that horses are insured from the date of purchase.
In selling a horse MA Sports Horses reserves the right to rely on the information contained in the horse's passport as to the age of the horse being correct. Where the horse has been described by age in the horse's passport the responsibility of ageing the horse remains the responsibility of the veterinary surgeon providing that desciption.

Sale Livery Conditions

Payment is taken in two stages - a weekly charge for livery and a commission upon sale. Sale Livery is taken strictly with 1 months livery up front and a commission of 10% plus VAT on sale. If the horse sells within this initial period then the commission shall be paid in part or in full from these monies and the balance, if any, sought from the client. No refunds are given on the initial livery payment. Should the horse not sell in the initial period then the client may seek to continue this arrangement on a rolling monthly basis or arrange to collect the horse at their own expense.


Whilst MA Sports Horses try to ensure that their horses are suitable for their purchaser, we can not be certain of the purchaser's expectations or riding capabilities. The decision of whether the horse is suitable rests solely with the purchaser. Horses can be unpredictable flight animals and sometimes inherently dangerous. Their temperament can change according to care, management and rider ability. Where a horse has a proven competition record this is deemed to be accurate for the period of ownership.
Should the horse be unsuitable for whatever reason, under no circumstances will a refund be given.
MA Sports Horses will exchange horses formerly under its ownership for a period of 10 days after the date of sale provided the horse is in the same or better condition and the horse was vetted prior to purchase. Exchange will be allowed for a horse of similar value or its value can be set against a more expensive horse. In some circumstances there will not be a suitable horse to exchange against and the provision of an exchange horse/pony may take some time but will be dealt with in a reasonable timeframe. In the unlikely event of a horse being returned under warranty MA Sports Horses allows for one exchange per sale and will take all necessary steps to ensure that the exchange horse meets the satisfaction of the buyer and acceptance of the exchange horse is deemed to be in full satisfaction of this warranty.
Horses sold on behalf of clients carry no warranty & are sold only subject to vet.
On payment of the deposit the purchaser agrees to and accepts these conditions of sale.

Malcolm Aitken T/A MA Sports Horses, Northfield Stables, Soldridge Road, Medstead, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5JF
VAT Registration Number 932 1701 54